Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Stalking Manila

I honestly want a title change. Shadows of a Stalker is one of those forced alliteration titles, at least it sounds so to me. As if I'll change the layout anytime soon... my link list isn't even updated.


What does the word mean? Where did it come from? Me studying in a Jesuit school for the past seventeen years, I thought it was an actual word...


This isn't appearing in the yearbook but rather the one I used for the program in one of our fund-raising activities:

Charles claims he's a stalker; it's not his fault other people don't believe him. All he gets is as laugh, and sometimes, their phone number.


Nothing pleases me more than getting something people find difficult to obtain. Just mailed a present to a friend abroad (I guess she'll find out three weeks from now) and of course, while I would want to get her a book, she has better access to those than us Filipinos residing in the Philippines (except, perhaps, a British book which for some strange reason is available here and not there).

So I got her something related to anime/manga, since obtaining authentic Japanese stuff is easier (and sometimes cheaper) here than for someone a continent away.

Of course mailing it is a whole new story, especially considering I don't know how to operate in a post office (which brings me to my next point).

Drone Work part 2

I'm anti-social (not in psychological terms where you go on a homicidal spree). I don't really get along with people who don't share the same interests as me and the last "social party" I was in was two years ago in a friend's debut (and the only debut I ever got invited to). Heck, even ordering out makes me nervous. So obviously, some jobs aren't really for me. Such as...

Secratary - Well, most people use secrataries to set up their appointments, call this person or that, and general information gathering. While I don't mind the encoding part of the job, the fact that I have to call other people/companies bothers me. Especially when the other side doesn't exist (anyone who's tried to call up Philippine Airlines should know what I mean). And when you can't contact somebody, people tend to blame it on you. Or they shoot the messenger, which happens to be you too.

Manual Labor - I'm not a weakling. But there are obviously some jobs which my body can't handle. I don't mind the heat, I don't mind perspiring, but I really don't want to dirty myself, especially considering I frequently have colds and I have to wipe dust off my eyes (I don't even read the newspaper because it's printed in newsprint). And let's face it, manual labor usually keeps your hands preoccupied, and in one of the most dirtiest of places.


What's a danag?


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