Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Kill Bill Vol. 1

I passed off the opportunity to talk about Underworld and the MTRCB the last time but Kill Bill Vol. 1 is a tad too far. To make a long story short, the distributors are okay with the R-18 rating but the censors still wants the film to be cut (as if it wasn't already compressed as it is). Of course that's like asking Miyazaki to chop his films, and we might end up with Wind Warriors, the "all-the-action-parts-so-that-it-doesn't-make-sense-anymore" English dub of Nausicaa. Suffice the say, the distributors are standing their ground and are vying for the all or nothing deal.


Is the reason why I'm watching Matrix: Revolution. Contemplating whether to stay up late tomorrow for the first show (which is at 10 pm) despite the fact that I have to be up by 6 am the next day for enrollment.


Strangely enough, I got higher-than-expected results, which almost qualified me for the Dean's List.

*sigh* School begins anew, and once that's done, it's off to the "real world".


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