Monday, November 17, 2003

Be Careful What You Wish For...

When people around me wish for things they don't mean (such as, ummm, wanting a stalker), I usually revert to the (cliche) saying above. And last Friday, my grade school friend came to class which was a free cut so I told him to check his yearbook page. The lazy person that he is (I know a lot of lazy people, myself included), he told me that he hopes there's something wrong with his yearbook page so that him going there has a purpose.

And wouldn't you know it, there was no picture (either formal or creative).

Moral lesson is that when you're around me, fate starts to conspire in a way that's almost poetic.

Byebye Powerbooks

It seems that the main branch of Powerbooks in PB Arnaiz has finally relocated to a mall, namely Greenbelt 3.

When I first saw the construction going on at Greenbelt 3, I thought it was ridiculous since you have three branches, each no farther than a kilometer away. Well, since I guess it's now down to two in the same area, the new branch is a closer walk from the MRT (but not that much).


When Megamall has a sale, cars halt at the traffic in the Ortigas area. Apparently, the same isn't true (it's still heavy traffic but not anything more than usual) when it comes to Glorietta since it was their sale last Friday. Maybe it's the target market...


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