Monday, November 03, 2003

Link of the Week (not that I've actually read it)

Interview with Philip Pullman, Tamora Pierce, and Christopher Paolini (whoever they may be, hehehe)

The Long Weekend

Deprived of sleep, I started off last Friday with visiting one of my favorite comic shops, CCHQ. Not that it was my only choice of places to visit but when it's October 31, a lot of shops are closed.

Didn't get to come home because I was with Vin for the rest of the afternoon in anticipation for his trial-run of the Christmas party (a.k.a. the Halloween party). Of course that meant me not being available for the evening amidst all the Halloween parties in various parts of Metro Manila that day.

Even ran into pretty Hazel and Ria (who both look pretty in black) who both invited me to the party at the Megastrip but I had to refuse.

We stayed in a hotel (the name of which I've already forgotten, except that I know it's behind Residencia and a whole lot closer to Mega Mall) and didn't leave until lunchtime. The thing with sleepovers is that I'm most likely not to get any decent sleep, and this one was not any different (I'm a light sleeper anyway).

Managed to stay home for an hour or two (mostly spent sleeping and checking clogged email) before heading to Gamer's Shop since there was supposed to be an RPG game until the wee hours of the morning (I need sleep!). Found out that Burger King, one of the first establishments in the Ortigas area opposite Xavier/ICA/Mary the Queen, is gone. I guess that's three years down the road. It's apparently been that long.

Didn't encounter real sleep until 2 am of Sunday morning, but had to wake up by 10 to get ready for church. Bought Neopets, D&D Miniatures, then slept.

Reflections in the Dream World

Graduating in less then four months finally got me worried. Where will I get a job? Who will hire me? It's not as drastic as it sounds considering I have my family and a home, but when it comes to income, I honestly don't want to depend on allowance from my parents after graduation. And there's always the call center (not that I'm looking forward to it so somebody please hire me soon).

Depression sunk in, making me question my relationship with people. How come I never kept contact with anyone during the sem break? Is it going to be like this once I graduate? Do other people consider me as a friend only as long as they have a use for me? Am I going to die single and lonely? (Reading stuff like this from other people in their blogs and livejournal didn't help either.) But I know better. There'll also be new experiences for me once I graduate, and more people to meet. (Never mind the fact that I'm anti-social.) Whereas other people usually cling to the memory of high school/college/work friends/"barkada", I look to tomorrow, and know that friends from my past are still my friends, and I'm grateful for the existing ones I have (which is drastically more than my friends from say, high school or grade school).

It Couldn't Get Any Worse

Actually, it could. But it's been a horrible Monday anyway.

First, I wake up. With my "kuliti" rearing to explode. Sleepy and groggy and in a hurry to get to school (to get my grades and reg form), I had to burst it to draw out all the pus. And believe me, drawing out pus from your eyelids is far from easy. Not only is it painful, it's self-inflicted pain (that's necessary), and nothing could probably be any worse than that (except probably in the movie Novacaine, where the protagonist pulls out ALL his teeth).

Second, I only got a text message from my blockmate the day before that the workshop has been moved to today (spoiling all my plans to play Neopets at CCHQ). So spent the better half of fifteen minutes downloading people's drafts and printing them out (need more paper!), alternating between going to the bathroom to handle my "kuliti" and going back to the computer to activate the print command, because I woke up at 6:30 am and I'm supposed to leave the house by 7 am. And you know what, when I get to school, I find out that the workshop was cancelled!

Third was car trouble. Expecting that I'd be able to get to school immediately, the car was having problems, which I expected the driver to have fixed since it was already acting up last Saturday. But no, the driver blamed and cursed the car, even when he was fully aware of the problem last Saturday, but didn't report about it because he went out on Sunday.

Fourth, the line in school was long. At least they started on time.

Fifth, got stuck with Elbert during the afternoon waiting for his sister to finish her enrollment in UP. Not that I mind since I am hitching, but still, it threw off everyone's schedule.

Sixth, as I was walking home, it rained.

Seventh, I come home to find that the VCR was on (instead of "sleep", which would enable the record timer), not taping the anime I always watch on ABS-CBN.

The Silver Lining

Not that that entire day wasn't a totally horrible experience. Did get to spend time with my crush at school (and meet other cute batchmates whom I haven't seen in quite awhile).

Got to play Neopets at CCHQ and did get a ride up to EDSA courtesy of Elbert.

And people did pay their debts to me (although there's still a number of people who owe me money), and money is something I need as of late.

Aeon Books

Another benefit of today is that I got to visit Aeon Books (which was closed on Friday when I last went in the area) and the owner even showed me her new stock right out of the box (literally, which also happened to be hot since the box lay outside, under the sun).

There's a bunch of SF&F books like Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, Frank Herbert, and Ray Bradbury. Also went home with four H.P. Lovecraft novels (and with less money in my pocket).


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