Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Gossip Column

This blog used to be nothing but gossip but some things changed that.

1) I've seen too many people rant and whine in their blogs.

2) People usually have a habit of telling me not to put certain things (that concern them) in my blog. Take for example Elbert's sexual exploits, which while I might post it here for his mother to enjoy, I'm sure she'd rather not hear it from me.

3) This is actually a public blog so I try to gossip about people whom visitors can click to, rather than hear a one-sided narrative of some obscure person they don't even know (and take my word for it at that).

And let's face it, some people want to be nameless. Never mind the fact that it defeats the purpose of blogging...

Unhealthy Me

I've actually been cooked up in my room again for the past few days and it only wasn't until hours ago that I was able to get out and actually walk (to Mega Mall). Sorry but I just haven't been Mr. Energy (to quote Gary V.) for the past two weeks.


Just found out today that a friend's mom just died two days ago. Which is actually strange since I was talking with the friend the day her mother died and she didn't seem to sad (then again, it was through text messages so a lot of emotions don't really get through). Unfortunately, that now leaves her with no parents at all and just a sister to live with.


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