Thursday, July 17, 2003

Can't Stand the Smoke

Instead of being on duty at the Comicol booth, here I am at the computer lab, because I couldn't stand all the smoke coming from the booth beside us, namely from the Psych org.

I don't know why of all the orgs, it's the psychology one that smokes. A lot.

And I forgot to bring my handkerchief of all days...

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Since here I am with unlimimited access to broadband Internet, I've managed to visit most of the people in my links, which is a rarity considering how much my list has grown, among other things.

And of course, I'm surprised that there are broken links, major changes that friends underwent, and of course, of how much less some people have been keeping in touch, whether it's blogging, email, or even the phone.

Not that I've been responsible myself. There's so much I want to do but things like school have been taking up. And my immersion is next week too.

Late Once More

Will probably be away from the computer for the next twenty four hours, since a lot is keeping me preoccupied. Will probably end up at school until 7 pm because of a film we're required to watch for history, then I'll have to pass by ADB/Ink and Stone to see if the D&D 3.5 books have arrived, and lastly, there's Jobert's campaign until the wee hours of the morning.

So Much to Say So Much Forgotten



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