Thursday, May 29, 2003

5 1/2 Hours

That's how long it took me to finish One Hundred Years of Solitude in time for today's finals.

I can only be grateful that my reading speed adequately matches my tendency to cram.

Summer Vacation

Well, school is officially over. At least for me. I still have roughly two weeks of vacation days left, minus two days for enrollment and distribution of grades.

If I had any break, I didn't feel it. 2003 - summer vacation? What summer vacation?


Well, did drop my bag in the mud this morning. But other than that, there's less rain than there was yesterday, which is a good thing.

I guess it's nice to see people are now ranting about the storm rather than about the heat.


Knowing me, when I refer to sales, it's usually regarding books rather than clothes.

Anyway, A Different Bookstore/Ink and Stone has a 40% sale on selected books from May 30 - June 8.

Which reminds me, my discount card is expiring tomorrow...

I'm Getting Published!

Ran into Ms. Liwag before I got home. She's having her Sabbatical in two weeks so that's probably the last time I'm going to see her for the year.

But she did inform me that the nonfiction class we had (together with Dr. Brion) is actually going to publish a book (there's something like one and a half dozen of us so that's around 18 stories total), all fully funded and taken care of.

I guess 2004 will be my year. I mean I'm graduating, going to be featured in two anthologies... (well, admittedly, my nonfiction work has room for LOTS of improvement... my fiction is even worse)

Damn Blogger!

It's down! Can't... update...


Yey, I finally have time to read my Fiend Folio which I got from ADB for something like P1350+ (the retail price is actually P1510, P300 cheaper than Comic Quest or CATS or Neutral Grounds, minus my 10% discout).

Also have time to plan my campaign when Jobert and co. arrive here in June.

Can't wait for Saturday's game with Cyril and Jobert's siblings.

Sorry for the RPG pen-and-paper geek ramblings. Fireball!


Last night's episode was 1 1/2 hours long!


That's the name of the shop at the second floor of the FBR building which sells specialty items.

Their shirts (which are for females) are also currently on sale, P200 compared to its regular P240+ price tag.

Did accompany a friend there this afternoon where she bought this kawaii shirt! =)


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