Friday, April 11, 2003

You Know You've Been Working Too Hard When...

Well, I just woke up from a dream. I was working on Flash. *.* Speaking of Flash, my weekend got cut short when I suddenly received a text message several hours ago from my employers asking me if I could meet them tomorrow, two days sooner than expected. And apparently, they have more revisions.

It Was Fated

Woke up early today because I had to school to get my grades. And well, every other line but ours was moving. Those in charge of distributing the grades to students from S to T were late by thirty minutes. Whether it's due to volunteer neglect or on the part of accounting, I don't know. But this isn't the first time that's happened.

I don't know why but every year, there'll always be one subject that hasn't submitted to the registrar my grades. So among the C+, B, B+, and A grades, there's an *. That's one unknown mark.

Of course getting late grades was just the start of my problems. Apparently, even if I'm required to take summer because U flunked one subject, the school list of reg forms to be distributed doesn't have me listed! They told me to go to the registrars, which I don't know where it is located, since Ateneo has made some changes in the past year (mainly due to PAASCU). The last time I checked, it was in Xavier Hall so I went there looking for the registrars, but failing to see a sign that says so.

I did approach accounting (since that was where some students were) and they redirected me to Bellarmine. And that's quite a distance from most of the Ateneo buildings.

When I finally reach the place, I give them my ID and my advisement slip and I wait.

Suffice to say, I'm not the only person suffering from the screw-ups of Ateneo. Unfortunately for us students, the registrar had a meeting today of all days. So definitely, there was a delay in the processing. I gave them my ID and my advisement slip and was told to wait. One hour passes and it seems that other people have resolved their conflicts. I hear my name called and they return to me my advisement slip. They tell me to come back at 1 pm. Oh wow, and I hoped I would get home early today.

To Call Charles

On my way back, I passed by Xavier Hall and ran into Mimsy. She's infuriated because I didn't notice her.

Mimsy: Charles, I've been calling you kanina pa (for quite some time now).

Me: Really? I didn't hear you. How were you calling me?

Mimsy: I was saying pssssssst!

Me: So you expected me to hear you say pssssssst in this crowd? And know that it was me being called? If you want to call my attention, say "Charles!", not "pssst!"

New Anime Magazine

Apparently, New Line of Magazine, publisher of Chemical, will release an anime/jpop magazine this May. Aaaagh. And I didn't even know about it. I wonder when people would start hiring me to write anime articles. My talent is being wasted...


So after meeting with the Comicol members (and some pretty girls), I go back to school at 1 pm. And wait. And wait some more. At least the Ateneo volunteers were cute.

I hate it when people pester the volunteers. Don't they know they're already trying to solve the problem. When things are done, it'll be done. Time spent distracting the employees is time spent not fixing the reg forms.

Of course one and a half hours later, I finally get mine. And you know what, it's a blank sheet. They didn't even list the subjects I'm supposed to take.

So I basically waited a total of two and a half hours for a blank piece of paper.

Oh they, they also implemented a new random numbering system to speed up the registration process. And guess what my number is? 2000+. So theoretically, I'm 2000th in line come registration day.

Rounding Up Today's Post

Filipino English has evolved from its Western counterpart. Even more interesting is the slang language that's developed. For example, here are two words that have the same English spelling but different meanings.


US English meaning: to save or rescue.

Philippine English meaning: to slaughter and throw in a ditch somewhere.

User friendly

US English meaning: easy to use, especially when it comes to electronic equipment.

Philippine English meaning: a person who befriends someone for the sole purpose of obtaining some use from him/her.


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