Monday, April 14, 2003

K-Zone vs TeleSuccess

As I was watching Ippo (by the way, the artist of that series seems to have an awkward way of drawing people's ears), one of the ads-during-the-show (uck, the TV screen of GMA's anime line-up is being muddled up by numerous ads and mobile phone gimmicks) posted that K-Zone is having an event at Rockwell on the 26th. Unfortunately, it so happens that TeleSuccess's Anime Quest falls on the 25th-27th.

Then it got me that K-Zone's audience is slightly different from Anime Quest. After all, the former caters to kids in general. The latter focusing on anime.

And again, I saw the ad. It said "K-Zone first anime event on the 26th". Uh oh. It's like Star Trek: Nemesis competing with The Two Towers on opening night. But there's hope for K-Zone. It'll depend on Anime Quest's lineup for the day and as far as I know, the interesting events usually occur on Sunday, the 27th. And if it's the parents who are in charge of choosing the place, they might opt for K-Zone's event in Rockwell than the crowded place that is Megamall. Then again, Rockwell isn't exactly the easiest of places to go to, especially in contrast to Megamall, which is where Anime Quest is going to be held.

Soap Operas and Telenovellas

Honestly, I have nothing against these shows. It is a valid genre (although I really feel Filipinos adhere to it too much). I mean it's one of the two pop culture shows that is pervasive among the masses (the other one being anime... thank God Filipinos haven't tried their hand at making their own anime, although I might add a lot of Filipinos are involved in the anime you're watching). But well, in one commercial break as I was watching Ippo, GMA 7 just threw a barrage of soap opera ads in a span of a few minutes. Around six or seven soap operas were advertised, half of those domestically made and the others are dubbed imports. Isn't just that too much (then again, I'm also fed up with all the repeated ads of anime and the like).

Translation vs. Dubbing

Since we're on the topic of anime and soap operas, it occured to me to write (actually editing this and can't believe I initially wrote "right" instead of write) an article on translation vs. dubbing. It might seem the same to some but the two have differences worth mentioning. The perfect situation would to be to have anime (or telenovellas) with good translation and good dubbing but lately, it's either one or the other, or sometimes, not even either of them. And the latter is more obvious, even if the show had good translations. But I'll reserve the topic for the future...

Crush Gear Turbo... on ABS-CBN

Apparently in a subsequent attempt to cash in on the anime Cartoon Network keeps on acquiring, ABS-CBN has already started showing ads for Crush Gear Turbo. Maybe it'll replace their Beyblade anime, which is on its third rerun.

In my opinion though, Crush Gear Turbo isn't as sellable as Beyblade, or even Let's & Go (Tamiya mini-4WD), but clearly, the fact that ABS-CBN is going to air it is going to affect sales. I guess I should brace myself to face tiangges selling fake Crush Gear toys. Or accidentally stepping on one (I nearly stepped on a Beyblade the other day...).

Home Sweet Home

I actually got out of the house today. Had to meet Dean as I gave him a copy of Grafic (courtesy of the Comic Collective) and showed to him the work with Flash I've done so far.

I forgot to mention to Dean that a bulk of the time spent was on the transition scenes (so that your screen just doesn't flicker and show you the next panel) like the curtains in the version 1 draft. My employers wanted to take out the transition scenes, which was perfectly fine with me, since that reduced 75% of my workload. Right now, in the span of two days (and it's not even 8 hour days), I've managed to reach halfway of what originally took me half a week in the first draft, all because I didn't have to worry about transition endings (although there are opening transitions, which isn't too much of a problem really).

My apologies to the people who don't know what I'm talking about (but I know Elbert does), but when you start working on Flash (not the animation part), you'll understand what I mean. =)

It was also great of Dean to understand that my fanzines were catered towards an audience (well, that and it's a few years old... my writing has hopefully improved since then), hence work not exactly readable by non-fans (of anime).

On a side note, I don't know if Dean remembers, but we initially met a couple of years ago when he was still head judge of Novelty Entertainment, the suppliers of Magic: The Gathering back then. I used to frequent Comic Alley at the time (and eventually worked there) and my friend Timothy/Jansen mentioned him and his wife (Nikki, who's one of the few female M:TG players). There was this one tournament and there were something like four female players out of a hundred plus participants (then the minimum number of players in a tournament) and one of them was Nikki.

First time I talked to Dean was when the expansion Homelands was recently released and a tournament was held in Virra Mall, in front of National Bookstore (that area would then be the venue for singing contests, masses, and the like). Before the tournament began, Dean entertained rules questions and I came forward and asked him to clarify a certain rule.

Another time was when Novelty was promoting the release of the latest edition of Magic, the "Classic Edition". Dean came to Comic Alley and I think it was my day off at the time. He offered to play a game of sealed deck with anyone, best two out of three matches. Winners would automatically qualify for the tournament being held at Saturday that week, since there was a Collectibles Convention going to held that weekend and the tournament was only open to people that managed to obtain a certain rank.

Dean got a not-so-optimal deck, since there was a card that gave white (or was it black?) creatures -1/-1, and then another card that gave them +1/+1 (Crusades, I think... if not, it's probably Bad Moon). Anyway, I was one of the people that played sealed deck with him, and won. Unfortunately, I couldn't join the tournament since I had work on that day.

Of course several months later, Novelty would close down and I'd see Dean occasionally at Comic Quest, or at the annual Philippine Bookfair, browsing through books and stuff. And later, Elbert would pave the way for re-introducing me to him since Elbert asked me to drop off his 24-Hour comic at Dean's office... which happens to be near my house.


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