Sunday, June 23, 2002

If I've been writing much as of late, it's only because I haven't been reading as much as I should be. The same can't be said for some though, as several bloggers have stopped writing. On the other hand, I'd like to think of it as a long hiatus.

I woke up today finding out that my legs were hurting. I don't think I've overexhausted myself yesterday through walking but it looks like I'll have to reduce my traveling for the next few days.

As usual, went to the semi-obligatory mechameet at Club Arena this afternoon. Saw Richie, saw Benj, saw Garrick. Nothing new there. Except, of course, Richie's new job as a sex operator, errr, I mean telephone operator. =)

While we were at the meet, a beautiful from UST came in asking for people to interview about the non-smoking policy at campus. Richie was literally doing hiphops behind her back when she was talking to Eman. And of course, with no one else to tease, they pointed her at my direction, all the while laughing (and Richie doing hops).

"Don't be scared. Do I look like I bite?" she told me.

"It's me you should be scared of," I thought. I politely replied "No."

"Is something wrong? My names Monica. There's nothing wrong with me. I mean there's an issue with my name but that's a private thing. Could I interview you?"


I don't know what went through Richie's mind (and I don't ever want to) but I wonder why Garrick was interivew-phobic. He hid and ran away. Benj, on the other hand, is always shy (yeah right).


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