Thursday, June 20, 2002

Just got back from my dentist appointment. These braces are killing me. Sometimes, the procedures is quick and short, taking only 5 minutes with the minimum amount of pain. Of course, there have been lately the long hours of adjusting my braces and tightening the metal wires on my teeth. Then when I get home, the pain starts to kick in. Sometimes, it hurts too much that I feel sleepy because of it. Like right now.

Of course considering I slept at around 8:30 pm last night and woke up at 8 am today, going back to sleep is not something I prefer to do at the moment. I already lost half a day to sleeping. I don't plan to lose more waking hours than necessary.

Of course in my attempts to keep awake, I turned on the computer and started surfing. I'd usually start reading a book but I've experienced "reading burnout" the past week. I honestly haven't read a single book ever since Sunday! Then again, it's also good that I'm not reading since that usually keeps me away from writing.

Also, I've been looking lately at other people's blogs, specifically my ex-crush. She's a writer too currently taking up IT (hmmmm, another Benj in the making). Well, after reading Tin's blog last week and now Erin's, I'm starting to feel inadequate. Honestly speaking, my writing could have been better than what's on screen right now.

Oh yeah, guess what, I'm required to make a journal for my nonfiction class. I might need to start a new blog just for that subject.


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