Thursday, June 20, 2002

I came home at around 8 pm last night, ate dinner, then slept... I did manage to wake up at 12:30 am but I was feeling sleepy at that time so I went back to sleep...

And here early in the morning, before I go to my dentist appointment, I find out a lot has happened.

It's really strange when Garrick, Benj, and I reply using your blogs when we should be using our emails... Yes, Noelle, that's weird but when you think about it, there's something creative about that... (hmmmm....).

In my tendeny to reply to Garr's predicaments, I found out where Richie gets those anime character tests (yes, I know it was a rhetorical question). When I saw the link, I wondered: "Is that the same Rin whom I had a crush during my fourth year high school?". A few clicks later, apparently it was. It's amazing what you learn every day...


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