Wednesday, June 19, 2002

The past two days has been... hectic. Let me start off with yesterday.

Had to rush to Photo-Me at 10 am since our Theology teacher wanted them submitted to his office before 5 pm and I got home at around 7:30 on Monday. It would have been quick if it weren't for the female parent and her child who had trouble posing for the camera. And there's also the father who was complaining to the guard and shopkeeper that they should open "earlier". It was 10 am and frequent shoppers should know that life begins at 11 am in Virramall and Shoppesville.

I literally ran back home and then went to Ateneo from there. Since my class was at 1:30 pm, I dropped by Blueskies to play Warcraft 3. Of course I couldn't continue my campaign since it was saved on another computer and someone playing Jedi Knight was occupying it. I did try to beat the computer's AI in a custom game but to no avail.

History was a bit shocking. "I will not cancel your lowest quiz... I will cancel your three highest quizzes." I understand the logic behind this but it doesn't make me any happier. Of course that's just the start. "My periodical exams are unannounced." That doesn't really bother me since I don't study but it sure freaked out a lot of people. "It's easy to get a B in my class but impossible to get an A. So far, I've only given one A." I'm not an over-achiever so it doesn't really matter to me. And he did give an anecdote of his final exam: "In the Jose Rizal film, what is the significance of the dog before Jose Rizal was shot?" It was an essay-type test and a lot of students failed. Why? Because the correct answer is "wala" or "none". And you probably know how much people like to dally when it comes to essay questions.

He also did give us a 20-point diagnostic test which a lot of students fail but is supposedly something all Filipinos should get. I got a 6. And he did give us an anecdote how one man survived a plane crash (the one dealing with Ramon Magsaysay, I think): he didn't fasten his seat belt. =)

Of course that was my one class for the day so went back to play some more Warcraft before catching up with Russ and hitching a ride with him. Then, I went to sleep.

Woke up at around 7 pm, watched TV, used the computer, eat, then sleep...

Arrived at school at 9:15 am today which hopefully gave me enough time to do research for my history assignment: find the headlines on the day you were born. That meant using the microforms in the library which I don't know how to use. And neither does anyone else I know. Oh well. Went there and had the assistant make a sermon on how a junior should know how to use the machine by now. Of course the guy inserted it in reverse...

Coincidentally, saw Steph there and apparently, we have the same teacher. We essentially found a way how to use the damned thing and then I had to run for class... You know I would have loved to stay there and chat with her but academics calls. And Steph's cuter now with her hair shorter. =)

Warcraft 3 followed my theology class and well, despite the computer's very challenging AI, me and Cyril managed to beat it on a 2 vs. 2 match... after two tries. Went back to the library afterwards to "finish" up looking on the microforms. Of course a lot of the microforms weren't on their boxes anymore and it was scattered across a shelf in random order. Had to look for the one in September 1982 and then waited for someone to finish. Coincidentally (again), I saw a classmate in my history class. Her name's Denise and I met her during my freshman year as she was my classmate in Physics before she opted to transfer. She's quite cute and the silent-type and I saw her looking for the microforms. It's a good thing I asked her since she couldn't find the one pertaining to her month. That's because I was holding it... her birthday's on September as well.

After that morning's experience with the microforms, I became an expert during that afternoon. I let Denise use it ahead of me since she didn't do her research yet and I had already done some earlier and was just giving it the final touches. Generous of me, considering we both had class in less than an hour. Of course it didn't help that when I got out of the library, it started to rain...

Fortunately, the rain had lessened to a drizzle and I was able to cross Bellarmine field to my classroom in Bellarmine. Our philosophy teacher dismissed us early and gave us a "free cut" on friday. Friday's faculty day. The early dismissal didn't really help since it took me an hour and a half before I found a ride home.


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