Saturday, March 02, 2002

One more weekend has passed. I spent my entire day at school since I had to attend our Civil Welfare Service synthesis. The only good thing is that hopefully, today would be the last Saturday I experience that.

Had to wake up early this morning in order to arrive at school on time. Despite the fact that I still have to do my Sci10 and Psy101 projects, duty calls.

It's a good thing I had my haircut last Wednesday. Mr. Bugas, our formator, actually bothered to check who had a haircut and who didn't. Still, I had my complaints. Escaler hall, the place where we were having our synthesis, was quite cold. I didn't even feel my pinkie anymore at one point.

I finally managed to make a "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" game using Flash for our Sci10 report on Monday. It's no quick feat as it took me two hours. Too bad I still have to make the Powerpoint presentation as well as "start" my Psychology self project. Me, a crammer? Isn't it obvious? Still, that's how I get things done.

As for my anime fanzine project, thing's aren't going as planned, especially now when I have to my papers and projects. Lea hasn't submitted her article, Krizelle kept postponing her interview, and I haven't had the time to make the layout. Worse, my computer is slowly self-destructing... Don't even get me started with my ISP...


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