Tuesday, February 19, 2002

It's strange but it's only now I'm remembering all the things I should have remembered days ago...

For one thing, last Saturday I experienced one of those urban ironies. I went to a Mister Donut shop in Makati and guess what they were serving? Danish, bread, and every other stuff except donuts. -.-

I have several projects due and I still haven't done any of them. There's our Sci10 report, our Psychology self project, and I'm sure my term paper is going to be due on March.

I only had two classes today, Economics and Arnis. Our teacher told us yesterday that we wouldn't be having Pscyhology but Danton didn't inform us that he wouldn't be coming to class today. Grrrrr.

Oh yeah, my interview with Krizelle is scheduled on Sunday at 1 pm. I still haven't gotten my CD-ROM fixed and my fanzine still needs a lot of work. As if I wasn't already loaded with activities...


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