Monday, February 25, 2002

It's amazing what eight hours of sleep can do for you. After a few weeks of neglecting my writing (as can be seen in my previous entries), I finally feel rejuvenated enough to start something new. I'd like to attribute this change to How to Write a Better Weblog.

Let me start off with Sunday. Jobert drove me home at 1:30 am after playing his RPG game at his condo in Makati. The smart people, like Dennis and Seven, left early. It's not that his game was unjoyable or dull. In fact, I'm anticipating the next one. Rather, it was more of having chores and duties the next day. In my case, I had to attend a "fun run" for my CWS program. Waking up after four hours sleep was far from comfortable. Still, it was better than most days. I didn't stumble nor did I feel the urge to sleep for "just a few more minutes". Instead, I brushed my teeth, donned my clothes, and had the driver bring me to school. Since it was early morning, I was able to get there in five minutes.

I admit I was cocky during that day. When I saw the route, which was barely half of what I used to run for my PE class last year, I scoffed at it. While I knew that I wasn't in shape since all my energies have been lately devoted to arnis instead of running, I thought that I would make it through the entire course. Of course that wasn't how it went. After running for a kilometer, I was already having pains in my stomach area. I forgot what it's called but it's due to the lack of oxygen being processed. My heart was pumping and my mindset was ready but my body couldn't take it. I started to walk. Later on, when I had one more kilometer to go, I resumed my running but this time, I felt like vomiting. Apparently, my stomach hadn't digested my dinner last Saturday evening. Given the choice to either vomit or keep running, I chose the latter.

I had breakfast at McDonald's and said to my companions that I would be ordering five hash browns. They laughed. I did order five hash browns and Franco merely said that I should add protein to it. The day was just beginning as we still had several parlor games to participate in, all for the sake of our service program.

When I finally got home, I took a nap. It was a slumber I greatly appreciated... and needed. I then started a new addiction, playing Final Fantasy 6 on my computer whose CD-ROM drive still isn't fixed. Later that evening, I started reading Heinlen's Starship Troopers.

Today, I'm indulging my Final Fantasy addiction instead of working on the project I'm supposed to do for Psychology. For the past five hours or so, I've been staring at the computer and pressing on the keys. My mom also asked me to download another of her forms for her trip to Australia. I wish she started doing things herself.

Amidst all this, I'm tempted to fall asleep and forget the following days to come. I'm not motivated to do my Psychology project, or anything else for that matter. I miss Steph. Ever since she apologized for scolding me last week, I never got an email from her again. I was comparing the emails I received from her last year and the ones I've been getting now. The current ones lack a certain enthusiasm. It makes me wonder if I have a chance with her or not. Worse, she's even more distrustful and secretive towards me these days. At one point, I want to help her but I'm afraid that she'll bite my head off for meddling in her affairs. On another, I could leave her alone but that may make her think I don't care about her anymore. I also can't stand it when I'm forced to watch a friend suffer without the capacity to do anything to help. The most I can do is send her words of encouragement but they're just that... words. Too much of them and they might just annoy the person. Such is the state that I'm in.


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