Friday, March 01, 2002

If there's a reason why I didn't write yesterday, the answer is simple: I was tired.

For one thing, Franco asked me to return to him his leg weights. Since I didn't have space in my bag and I was actually wearing my loose arnis pants, I wore the leg weights. They weren't that heavy and it didn't hamper me that much. I still kept my normal pace as I strolled around school and I always took two steps whenever I climbed the stairs. The only difference was that I couldn't run. At least not yet. It's too bad I returned them to Franco. Just when I was getting used to them, I already had to part with it.

Another interesting event yesterday was my arnis sparring exam. I was unlucky enough to get picked first. Worse, I faced off one of the varsity members instead of a fellow classmate. After donning the armor which protected my chest and head, the judge began the two minute bout. I was looking at only one thing: my opponent. The helmet made sure of that as it obstructed my vision. Instead of 180 degrees, my sight was reduced to 90. But the helmet was needed since it protected me from several blows to the head and that was where my opponent liked to strike. I was lucky to hit him with my thrust but as for my other slashes, it was usually blocked or worse, we traded blows. If it was a real battle, I would have been down since my blows were aimed at the body while his were aimed at my head. If it weren't for the armor, I'd have a cracked skull. All he'd probably have was a broken rib or two.

Strangely, my entire duel didn't seem like two minutes. Still, when it was other people's turn to compete, the time didn't seem enough. It was beneficial for me to fight one of the varsity members since they broke off after a strike or two, which was more likely to happen in real combat and what our teacher recommended. When my classmates fought each other, they rarely disengaged and continued their barrage on each other. Antonio, a very annoying person ever since third year high school, competed as well. He completely disregarded what our teacher taught us by putting his left arm behind his back (think of it as fencing). His loss, not mine.

I went home early today so that I could do my projects, especially psychology. What little free time in school I had today was spent reading and watching my crush. *sigh* She barely notices me. At least I saw her smile today as she was talking with her friends, Paula and Karla. Yesterday was probably worse as I saw her with more life than ever as she and Paula was solving a crossword puzzle.


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