Tuesday, March 12, 2002

If you're wondering why I haven't updated during the week, it's because I have to cram a lot of projects and papers.

How strange it is that everyone is suddenly giving out papers to do. Last week, I had three set of papers to submit: one for my fine arts subject (which I really can't recall the course title at the moment), one for my Sci10 class, and another for fiction. Then suddenly, last Sunday during our supposed graduation from ROTC, our moderator assigned us a one-page reflection paper which was due yesterday. To top it off, our economics teacher gave us a reflection paper as well yesterday which is due tomorrow. Oh yeah, did I mention Noel suddenly "dropped" our Japanese orals script on me yesterday? Hmmmm, then there's my Psychology long test and Sci10 orals.

I wish I had more time so I could narrate how I took "stalking" to a new level but as I said, I have papers to cram.


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