Sunday, February 17, 2002

I'm depressed. But not for the reasons you might think.

Yesterday was a mixture of blessings and curses. I left the house as early as 8 am and didn't come back until early the next morning. I was busy playing Franco's home-brewed RPG and then went to Jobert's party. Krizelle cancelled on me so I still have a floating fanzine...

That's not why I'm gloomy though. I finally got a reply to my email from Steph. Found out that her grades are failing among other things. *sigh* Steph's in a bad mood and I can't help but feel it as well. I wish I could comfort her and lend her some aid but I know she'll refuse. There's nothing I can do to cheer her up. I feel so helpless. =(

Of course Steph's not the only one who's in danger of failing their subjects... And I still haven't found a replacement for my cellphone. Those are superficial things though compared to the fact that you can't help the people you care about.

Which reminds me, I think Cydz still hates me. She was asking a few days ago for help in her Java project and I offered to loan her a Java book. She hasn't replied. Oh well. When you try to do good things, people think the worst of you. Somebody should change the system. *sigh*


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