Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Let me tell you some anecdotes from the past few days:

One of my blockmates go up to the 2nd floor where we wait for our 7:30 am class to begin. She arrives breathing quite deeply and tells my other blockmate that she had to walk from the parking lot since the security guard did not allow her vehicle to come in. She exasperates that it was quite a walk and that she needs some air. She then takes out a cigarette.

There's this new guy in our regular mechameet (I haven't been attending for some months so he might not be new...) who was complaining that he left his "#2". Great, this guy's complaining about losing one of his girlfriends. For a two-timer, he deserves it. Then again, he quit while he was ahead since he never got caught.

I finally got the VCD that contains the images I had scanned. Too bad when I finally got home, my CD drive broke down.

Ateneo's restrooms are new and sqeaky clean. Strangely, the only time Xavier high school renovated their restrooms was when PAASCU had come knocking their door. Now, I see signs of PAASCU in the college. Hmmmm... why is it when PAASCU comes to accredit the schools, the first thing they change are the restrooms? Grrrr...


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