Friday, February 15, 2002

If there's anything more annoying, it's how fickle may fate is. Let me start of with Valentines.

Nope, didn't have anyone special. I'm still single and still devoted to that one person who probably will never look at my way. I did manage to give chocolates to the girls in my economics class, my psychology class, and the two girls near me in my arnis class since I ran out of kisses (the chocolate) by then. I did manage to give some of Steph's block chocolates but as always, she refused my gift. Not that I'm surprised. She did gave me a smile, which is more than I could ever ask.

Valentine's wasn't good, nor was it bad either. I just mutter that it could be worse. Steph could have been angry at me.

I did renew my friendship with Athene yesterday when she sent me a text message and only numbers appeared on my phone instead of names. The annoying thing about people who change numbers is the fact that they don't notify everyone that they've changed numbers. Oh well. At least I got to call her up and talk.

Today was horrible in the fact that I lost the rubbery spherical thing attached to my 6250. It's gone and I couldn't find it. Oh well. At least it's still working. I'm also looking forward tomorrow wherein I'll be cutting ROTC, playing Franco's game, meeting Krizelle in Gloriette for an interview, and then going to Jobert's house for his brother's game and his siblings' birthday celebration.


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