Thursday, February 09, 2006

[Blog Entry] Another Long Weekend

Another Long Weekend

For starters, my non-infectious perpetual cold is up again, and I tripped on the overpass at Ortigas, injuring my left leg. So I'm far from my optimum condition.

Of course any day now (over the weekend), Pulp's February issue will be coming out. In a way, it's special because:

1) I'm finally writing book reviews for the magazine (and as Vin put it, I should publicize it). Which also explains my lack of recent book reviews. One whole page's dedicated to it.

2) Pics of (and by) friends Hazeland Ria when they performed during an anime event which Pulp sponsored.

3) First shoot of the year. There were two shoots that I organized (and organizing photo shoots is always hell for me) and that reminds me, with all that's been happening, I've officially been working for a year now.

I'll be disappearing over the weekend as we're organizing Close-Up's Lovapalooza... in Angeles. So that's a weekend gone and I can't be contacted in the meantime.


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