Wednesday, February 08, 2006

[Blog Entry] Hahaha


Computer just got fixed yesterday, reformatted and with a spanking new motherboad. Apparently, it wasn't the hard drive that got messed up but the video card. Unfortunately, since it's an IBM motherboard with an IBM video card, can't really replace one without the other. And when I replaced the motherboard, had to replace the RAM as well...

But that "old" computer's going to the office. I'm the proud owner of a new generic computer (hopefully the 200 GB hard drive and 1 GB DDR2 Ram and 256 MB PCI-E video card will last me four years). Unfortunately, much like moving to a new home, getting adjusted to a new computer can be tedious (transferring your old files to the new one, downloading programs, etc.). One thing I apparently did not back up were my bookmarks from my old computer (but back in the call center days, we'd email ourselves our bookmark links so that no matter which computers we use, we'd have access to the websites were frequently use to aid customers).

I didn't think the DSL Wifi would work on my computer when somebody from PLDT suddenly came. I thought my dad had called them to install the DSL since the computer just got reformatted but when he came, apparently all I had to do was install the wifi software as the login and password is stored in the router. Of course surprise of all surprise was that the PLDT technician came not because my dad had called, but apparently was responding to one of our tech support problems... from late November 2005.



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