Wednesday, December 28, 2005

[Blog Entry] Pre New Year Post

Pre New Year Post

Yes, my titles are becoming less and less imaginative. But that's what happens when you have to compress what you want to say into a guerilla-post.

First thing's first, the 3-day weekend was enjoyable, despite all the required family dinners (which is time consuming, and the fact that I don't really get along with the rest of my clan very well... at the very least I'm just silent on the food table). A 3-day weekend is like... twice my weekend, since I work halfday on Saturdays.

Second, it's also surprising how much inefficiency can happen when the last working week of December is limited to 3 days, and everyone is still in the vacation mood (at least the students still have their vacation, while the working class are on leaves, breaks, or simply bumming around). I'd probably file for a leave as well, if it weren't for the fact that I don't have paid vacation leaves yet (one more month to go before my 1st year in the company, yey!). Still, the good news for me is that pay day seems to arrive so fast...

Third, while the year is ending, it hasn't ended yet. Surprisingly, there are still several developments in my life that I'm cramming in the last few days of the year. Just goes to show it's never too late to start anything. Even if you have like two days left to do it.

Fourth, more specific to LJ-land, while all the Christmas images are appreciated, use lj-cuts please. I'm on broadband, so I don't really mind, but have pity on your dial-up friends. And Christmas is the time of the year where people spam you with greetings and pictures, whether it's though email, friendster, blogs, text messages, etc. So if you're posting one (or more images) as a Christmas greeting, you can bet that everyone else in my friend's list is doing so too. (Bad bad Carlos for posting like half a dozen hi-res images in one post, with no cut!)

Oh, before I forget. Happy New Year!


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