Monday, December 19, 2005

[Blog Entry] Happy Holidays!, Back to Stalking

Happy Holidays!

Is a statement I was trained to say as a call center agent. Unlike the Philippines which is a predominantly Christian country, the US is home to many cultures, philosophies, and religion. So Happy Holidays is the safest statement you can say, without infringing on their personal belief.

Still, visit this PVP strip for a laugh.

Back to Stalking

No one's at the office except for me (and the interns, but they don't count...) as we prepare for our Christmas Party. I'm back to work on The Philippines Yearbook, and it's really a strange occupation since it's where my stalking skills are honed. My boss literally gives me a list of names (for this year, less than that) and it's up to me to track them down, find out how they can be contacted, etc. Of course organizing Pulp photo shoots also gave me some practice, as I'm supposed to set up exotic photo shoots with nothing in my name except a small budget (sometimes even less than that). I mean in 2001, I remember the editorial assistant being asked to look for 12 transvestites who are willing to work for GCs. It's like the talent scout of the Lord of the Rings trilogy being asked to look for several dozen super models to fill in as elves. Minus the big budget.

Still, it's strange to know that "stalking" skills are actually used in the workplace. Short of blackmailing your coworkers and employers, of course.


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