Sunday, December 18, 2005

[Blog Entry] Unwell


I've been sick for the past few days, and Murphy's Law seems to be at work. The symptoms of my sickness appeared Friday morning, but I shrugged it off. There was a build-up of phlegm in my throat, and I was breathing through one hole in my nose (a normally occurence in my frail and allergy-stricken life) I soon felt the sickness creeping by the time I was sleep-deprived late Friday evening. Incidentally, I was at St. Luke's hospital, trying to hail a cab home. Normally, finding a cab at that place was as simple as waving your hand. That wasn't the case though as my splitting headache, drowsinees, and cold started to take over my body. After several minutes hailing a cab, I finally got home, ready to collapse on my bed. It was something like 1:30 am by then. The neighbors were having a party though, and the volume of their karaoke was set on high. So try getting some sleep when somebody is singing an out of tune song. My only consolation there was that it was the actualy tenants who were singing, and not the extremely off-key maids who were prone to use the karaoke.

Most people will be sleeping Saturday morning. Not only did I have to report to work, I also had to wake up extra early just to make my 8 am dentist appointment. Managed to make it to the office, and while I planned to leave by 2 pm so that I could get some shut-eye before the overnight party I was going to attend that night, some people I was supposed to meet for work came late, and I had to leave the office later than usual.

An overnight party (read: no sleep), an anime convention to attend to the next day, plus the usual family dinner left me with little time to recuperate. And it's Monday, and it's work, work, work.


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