Sunday, December 11, 2005

[Blog Entry] Sunday


As I write this entry, I remember the old 80's show Doogie Howser M.D., and how the main character, Doogie Howser, stares at the blue screen of his computer (was it WordStar? WordPerfect? or a Mac program?) at the end of the episode, trying to find the words to sum up what he had learned.

This is probably the first Sunday in the past few weeks where I’m actually at home at this hour, instead of playing Defense of the Ancients at Area 51. I just finished reading Siglo: Passion, the book launch of which happened yesterday at Greenhill’s Promenade area. Saw a lot of familiar faces at the book launch, in addition to people I’ve met online but never got the time to introduce myself in real life. Speaking of Siglo: Passion, it’s amazing to actually read it. Not necessarily because of the content (but it does have some great stories and art), but because it’s something I’m familiar with. Gerry, for example, has been hyping about the book for quite some time. Some stories I’ve seen as early as several months back, such as that of Vin and Jaime’s stories, but it’s a different experience to see the finished product. And then there’s seeing the work of familiar friends like Joel Chua finally get published. And as much as I’m familiar with a bulk of the people involved in Siglo, there are several who are complete strangers to me, and seeing their printed work is a new experience for me.

Of course there are also other things I should be plugging, such as The Speculative Fiction Anthology and Project: Hero comic anthology.

In the meantime, Christmas is approaching, and I’m one of the people who love giving gifts. As Vin mentioned a few Christmases ago, the ideal gift to give would be something the person wants, but doesn’t realize it. That means disregarding the wish lists of people, but giving them something as equally satisfying. Unfortunately, aside from thinking of great gift ideas for people, I’m also hampered by budget (and there’s only P2000 in my wallet as of the moment, so splitting that among everyone else I know is…). So we’ll see what I’ll manage to come up with come Christmas (alas, I hope you forgive me if you don’t get anything this December).

December is also the one of the busiest months for me, since I’m required to attend the compulsory family gatherings. And we have quite a few of them. Just celebrated my brother’s birthday, and this coming week, we’ll be celebrating my grandmother’s birthday and death. Yes, you heard that right. Since we follow the Chinese lunar calendar, the date of my grandmother’s birthday is determined by someone in the family that actually knows how to read the lunar calendar. For this year, it happens to fall on Tuesday. Thankfully, we don’t follow the same practice when it comes to celebrating death anniversaries. Which happens to be this Wednesday. So I’ll be preoccupied on those two days, and it’s like reverse Easter for my grandmother.


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