Wednesday, December 14, 2005

[Blog Entry] Earthsea Anime!, Christmas and Parties

Earthsea Anime!

Got the link from Lisan. It's a Earthsea anime coming in July of 2006. And while Dean is a fan of Le Guin, he's also be happy to know that Studio Ghibli (Totoro, Mononoke Hime) is making it! Official title is Gedo Senki (Ged's History): Tales from Earthsea.

Christmas and Parties

Don't mix well with me. Mainly because 1) I don't really like spending 2-3 hours doing nothing but eat, and 2) I usually don't connect with the company I'm with. For example, the past two evenings was spent with family. And when I mean family, something close to the clan on the side of my mother, as we celebrated my grandmother's death anniversary. A joke from one of my cousins to my brother is that if he could name ten people from the three other tables from us, she'd give him all her Christmas presents. And of course, they were all talking in Chinese (I don't understand Chinese!).

On a side note, we were eating and my sister-in-law asked what the XO sauce was (highly prized sauce among the Chinese). One of my cousins replied "XO sauce: chinese bagoong". (XO sauce is really some spicy stuff and scallop bits, but really tastes like salty bagoong.) Later I asked my sister what the tiny, cube-like meat was. She replied "sucking pig: chinese lechon". Which goes to show that the Filipino-Chinese really are just that... Filipino and Chinese.


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