Tuesday, August 30, 2005

MTV Hanging Out Neil Gaiman Interview part 1 (of 10)

A bit busy as of late so haven't getting much transcribe, but I thought instead of delivering it in one big package, I'll just release the interview in installments. The MTV Neil Gaiman interview is around twenty minutes long, and this is the first two minutes. Hopefully I'll update this every Sunday and Wednesday, if time permits.

Colby: Welcome to the coolest place to be on TV, this is Hanging Out on MTV. My name is Colby.

Clair: I’m Clair and it’s Friday today and we have a very very special guest on our show, Mr. Neil Gaiman.

Crowd: -cheers-

Clair: So how are you? How do you find the ring?

Neil: The most wonderful. It’s quite possibly the most enthusiastic place on the Earth. Turned up yesterday, suddenly like this, suddenly in a tent and three thousand people turned up. And would you believe the noise that three thousand enthusiastic Filipinos can make, that you might like.

Colby: That was actually my next question. You had quite a turnout yesterday, but what about some of the other things you’ll be doing here?

Neil: Well, most of all I seem to be doing here is interviews and signing things for people and meeting people. And I’ve been fascinated by the Philippines for awhile, most of it is I get to go backstage in my website. This website of Neilgaiman.com, and I was going backstage and noticing that everyday we’d get four or five, six thousand people from the Philippines coming in here. And I thought this is really cool! They’re outnumbering the Germans. What’s happening in the Philippines? So that was why I decided to come out.

Colby: You have a very good following here. As a matter of fact, we have a studio full of fans and we have Dawn over there and he’s going to be asking questions pretty much all day long. So Dawn, what do we have?

Don: Yes, yes we are, we are. We’re here with a bunch of fans, all right. Show your appreciation everybody.

Crowd: -cheers-

Don: All right. And then we’re going to be asking Mr. Neil Gaiman some questions throughout the show but we’re going to start things off with a video. Here’s So Here We Are by Bloc Party. And party like the Bloc Party people!

Crowd: -cheers-



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