Wednesday, August 24, 2005

[Blog Entry] From Dusk to Dawn

From Dusk to Dawn

Several years back, I was Mr. Nocturnal. You know, the type that would sleep at something like 3 am (and it’s not because I was working in a call center) and get up slightly before lunchtime. That also meant that most of my writing time needed to be done at the evening. And I was fine with that. In fact, I was “in the zone” during nighttime whereas all I’d have in the morning was a drought for words.

Nowadays though, the moment I get home, I’m already feeling sleepy. It’s not conducive to writing anymore as it once was, even if I’m full of ideas. The mind is willing but alas, the mind is also sleepy. That also means I go to bed early, so that means no 10 pm calls!

That leaves me with two opportunities to write. One is during work hours, when I’m not out on a shoot. Unfortunately, the atmosphere isn’t conducive either because during peak hours, it’s a competition between who gets to use the computer that has DSL access. There’s also the numerous phone calls that I usually answer, even if it’s just someone trying to sell us something (and believe me, I get phone advertisements everyday, whether it’s a bank or PLDT). And then there’s the air conditioner, which is the bane of my existence. Honestly, my optimum working temperature is 38 degrees, but well, summer is nine months away. My fingers literally freeze as I begin typing the words. And let’s not forget about doing some *gasp*actual work.

So if I want to get some writing done, I have to do it before dawn. But you know, getting out of bed is always a Herculean struggle. One’s tempted to go back to sleep and get additional shut-eye (at the very least).

Writing in the morning has some benefits though. It’s when you’re most awake, when you’re most active. I can easily churn out 500 words in under an hour. Your day hasn’t begun yet, so you can’t yet be stressed out (well, at least in the case of most people… the moment I wake up, I already start thinking of what needs to be done in the office).

Life this year has brought some interesting changes. Hopefully, my writing actually improves thanks to the shift in schedule.


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