Monday, August 22, 2005

[Blog Entry] No Time for Guerilla Writing

No Time for Guerilla Writing

There’s a lot of things I want to write about, but the computer with Internet access is not my own, and I’ll be leaving for a photo shoot in a few hours.

On a side note, here’s a list of pending items I have to do once I get home:

1. Finish a short story for another, currently hush-hush anthology.
2. Finish another short story based on a D&D campaign I played two months ago.
3. Transcribe the Neil Gaiman interview from MTV’s Hanging Out which I just got today courtesy of someone who emailed me a link to a video file (but the computers at the offices are Macs, so I haven’t seen it yet since it’s in .wmv format).
4. Transcribe the rest of the Neil Gaiman interview from NU107, which actually should have been done a month ago.

So as a diversion, here are some facts that most people don’t know about me:

1. I cut my nails “manually”. When I mentioned this to an acquaintance, they asked “is there any other way?” What I mean by “manually” is that I don’t use any tools to do so. Which means I cut my nails using, uh, my other nails.
2. I don’t buy clothes. I inherit them. The last time I went shopping was back in 1996. Everything else was either given to me, or clothes I already had prior to that date.
3. I have just one hair style. Or rather, I have a default hair style. The good news about this is that no matter what I do, it’ll more or less look the same. The bad news is that my hair is impervious to most types of hair accessories, like gel (or rather, it doesn’t last long enough… an hour is its longest). Even my barbers cut it just one way. The only variant I have is whether my hair’s long or short. You’d be surprised at how much change that can accomplish, and people stop recognizing you. It’s still the same hair style though.
4. I actually won the “Master Stalker” award during my senior year in college. Not that I was there to attend the event and claim my award…
5. In grade school, to fend off the bullies in school, I’d use my handkerchief to stave them off. Of course it must be mentioned that I had a perpetual cold back then (I still do now, but my daily exercises hold off the symptoms) so my handkerchief was very very wet with snot and mucus. My other secret weapon was my spit, because along with colds, I had no shortages of phlegm in its greenish and yellowish glory.


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