Sunday, August 28, 2005

[Blog Entry] Brief Respite, Thorn in the Eye, Freedom, Rescind

Brief Respite

Taking a brief respite from my writing, it’s surprising how much you can accomplish if you discipline yourself. On a side note, the week’s been more or less pleasant despite the impromptu photo shoots and events. I’ll keep this short for you impatient folk.

Thorn in the Eye

Yesterday and for most of today, my left eye felt like there was a thorn in it, causing me to squint often. I checked the mirror but could find nothing. I even washed my face several times and still the pain lingered. Visine didn’t help either. For those of you who’ve worn hard contact lenses, that’s how it feels like. Fortunately, I’ve managed to stave the pain by not blinking and keeping my eye steady. The pain’s gone now, although I suspect the entire incident was the result of a stye developing in my inner eyelids.


My braces finally came off, after something like seven years. I can actually see my teeth! My first instinct was they were off though was to brush my teeth. Unfortunately, I had to head straight for work.


Our president has a tendency to rescind her proclamations. Earlier in the week, Monday was supposed to be a non-holiday. Yesterday evening, the president announced that Monday would be a holiday for everyone. A few hours later, she proclaimed that regular businesses will be open, while government offices and schools will not be having work (or so my aunt says).

So I’m really curious who’ll show up at work tomorrow, and who won’t. With all these proclamations and counter-proclamations, Manila is living up to its reputation of being a chaotic place.


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