Monday, August 08, 2005

[Blog Entry] Global Domination… by Google

Global Domination… by Google

A few days ago in a section of the Philippine Star, there was a news article regarding how Google poses a privacy threat. I mean they own a search engine, a blog, a popular email provider, and has ad-sense incorporated into them. But I trust their security, and so far, Google hasn’t abused the power it wields (unlike Yahoo, which spammed everyone the first chance they got).

And then in yesterday’s paper, there was news about Google Earth, effectively a huge spy satellite which is available… for the right price of course. I didn’t even know about Google had Google Desktop Search until I read it from Dean. Suddenly, Google conspiracy theories don't seem as far fetched anymore (after all, it's not about who betrays who first, but who betrays who last).

But you know, all of this might be paranoia on my part. Then again, people have committed greater atrocities for merely suspecting (i.e. Brutus in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar).

Global domination... first the Internet, next step the world.


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