Tuesday, August 09, 2005

[Blog Entry] The Joys (and Horrors) of Sleeping, Autoantonyms

The Joys (and Horrors) of Sleeping

My gaming days on hiatus, I’m finally getting at least eight hours of sleep every day. And one of the things I’ve missed is the ability to dream.

I never realized I had so much stories floating around my head. Not that all of them are welcome, mind you. Cthullu manifests itself through the insidious workings of the mind, after all. Along with pleasant dreams are nightmares. Thankfully I have more of the former than the latter. But it’s nonetheless a refreshing break, and sparks up my creativity.

Ironically for the past three months, I wasn’t able to sleep because of friends and recreation rather than work. Compare that to nearly a year ago, when the reason I wasn’t getting any sleep was due to work-related nightmares, hence me quitting my job at a call center (at the behest of my psychiatrist, of course).

I see all these online quizzes, asking what’s the first thing you think of when you wake up early in the morning. Unfortunately for me, all that enters my mind is work, work, work, and how much is left undone. Can you blame me for wanting to back to sleep?


I mentioned this to Vin the other day, at how there are words which have two meanings, and they contradict each other. Take for example the word “clip”. On one hand, we use clip to bind things. On the other, we use clip to mean cut or to trim. Same word, contradictory meaning. Another example would be the word “left”. He left the building. He’s left alone. The former meaning he departed, while the latter he remained. Isn’t the world just full of contradictions?


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