Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Technically Still Unemployed

Anyway, I'm just here at the house, hoping that someone from Client Logic calls me up soon (so call me paranoid) for my contract signing. In the meantime, my room is far from the most comfortable of places, since there's a number of flies swarming around (one fly at least is small and doensn't buzz when it's near, and another that does buzz).

It's a Bad Month for Wizards of the Coast

Aside from some figures from their miniatures line missing an arm or a leg (or gasp! a head), it seems that the print run of their new campaign setting, Eberron, has some misprints. Over 40% of the print run has some defects.


Blogger Milo said...

Hey, if you don't land this job (malas nila), and are still looking for one, you can always drop by the Ateneo Placement Office. Since you're an alumnus, we'll be happy to help you look through our lists of job vacancies.

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