Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Two Months Unemployed

So far this week, it's been a chain-reaction of applying to call centers. So if anyone needs a full-time writer, here's your last chance to (hopefully) notify me.


I did visit my alma matter today but unfortunately, 1) it was raining and 2) the freshmen were having their orientation.

But it was interesting watching freshmen scramble in the rain as they tour the campus. Oh, and my sister is one of those freshies.

On The Way Home

Walking around Cubao, I used to see vendors buying used ink cartridges (they refill the ink cartridges and resell it at a cheaper price than those sold by retailers... never mind the fact that using refills voids the warranty of your inkjet printers). HP cartridges, for example, would fetch P100.00 or so.

So going there today, it really surprised me to see the same vendors at the same places, except now, they're buying rejected SIM cards (with Globe and Smart SIM cards fetching P30.00). Of course now, I'm wondering where they plan to sell them, especially since Globe and Smart are local companies.

If There's Anything I Dislike, It's Being Redundant

Mother: You have a phone call. Quickly answer it.

(No, I'll take my time to answer that urgent phone call.)

Mother: It's an important call.

(Of course it's important, or else they wouldn't have called now would they?)

Mother: It's on the other phone line.

(Of course it's on the other phone line. Because the main phone is right next to me, with the volume on maximum, so I would have heard it ring and answered it if it did.)

Some Filbars Con Pics (Courtesy of Azrael)


Carlo Pagulayan


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