Sunday, June 20, 2004

Just A Note

To save myself the time of explaining, and I'll say it now. If you want to link me, go ahead. I'll usually link you back once I start redoing my layout (because honestly, updating your layout every so often just to accomodate someone new can be a chore). Similarly, don't take offense if I don't link you back immediately, because it really does take me quite a while before I change my layout.

Second, if you like something I wrote in my blog, feel free to quote it or post it on your own blog/livejournal, as long as you mention the source (namely me) and where you got it (this blog url, for example).

Things to Look Forward to This Week

1) Hopefully, someone from Client Logic calls me up so that I can formally say I'm employed. =)

2) This is wishful thinking on my part, but hopefully the books I ordered from A Different Bookstore finally arrives this Friday.

3) Just a reminder to people that next Sunday, at the Megatrade Hall, will be the Toy Convention. Hope to see you there.

4) God willing, Eberron and Giants of Legend arrive at Comic Quest by Thursday. And hopefully my Giants of Legend figs will have no defects, since apparently this batch of miniatures has lots of missing arms, legs, and heads (and while customer service at WotC is great, I'm here in the Philippines.


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