Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Rain and me don't mix well. It wasn't a good day for exploring but I did have to get some books for Vin so I went all the way to Libis to visit Booktopia, a bookstore I have never been to.

I arrived there at 11 am and while the shop said that it is open from 11 am - 9 pm, it wasn't.

So I explored Eastwood since it was near, but unfortunately, it was raining.

It's also worthy to note that Eastwood only comes alive at night, and me being there in the morning, the place was nearly deserted. But thankfully, I did get to explore the important places (i.e. the bookstores!). Also found where the 4th Initial D arcade can be found (the first three are at Glorietta, Rockwell, and Mega Mall).

To make a long story short, Booktopia wasn't open at 11:30 am, but thankfully they were by 12 pm. The shop has relatively low prices for its books (not as cheap as, say, National Bookstore, but still cheaper than most independent bookstores) and has a good selection of fiction, horror, mystery (lots of Agatha Christie books!), and of course, SF&F.

As usual, you can make orders, with delivery in an estimated 2-4 weeks. Perhaps what's best is the fact that you can order out of print books as they also deal with used books.

The place is rather small but they make use of the space "efficiently". Unfortunately "efficiently" also means that the books are stacked upon each other, so if I want to get a book from the bottom of the pile, I'll have to lift the books above it.

Anyway, that's one bookstore down, and the only other independent bookstores I haven't visited are the ones located in Manila and in Paranaque. And, uh, I won't be going to those places anytime soon. Of course if someone is willing to drive me there...


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