Thursday, June 24, 2004

It's Really June

In a country that has only two seasons, guess which one it is?

Of course rain also marks the start of the school year for those who are still studying. The first few weeks of class are usually the most enjoyable, mainly because there's usually a storm or two to call of classes at least once a month (and there are always the holidays).

The wet season also shows you the flaws of Philippine construction and administration. The former, because in a street that's supposed to be flat and straight, you see puddles of water in the middle. It's the latter's fault because politicans here are interested in the short term (because long-term decisions rarely makes you popular or garners you votes), and so asphalt is still the material of choice when constructing roads (which isn't really the best of materials because although it's cheap, this is a country that's famous for erosion and weathering effects).

Did I mention that it's worse for pedestrians? It probably wouldn't be so bad if we weren't getting wet more from the passing cars rather than actual rain.


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