Friday, May 28, 2004

Charles on Drugs

It's been several years since I've taken medicine. I mean I've stopped taking vitamins for the past six years, and antiobiotics for more than that (because I'm allergic to God-knows-what antiobiotic, and since I don't know which one, I don't take any). I guess I can be thankful that because of refraining from doing so, my immune system is better than it was a decade ago (when I had to take weekly injections just for my allergies).

Of course now with my cyst problems, I have to take, in addition to vitamins, antiobiotics three times a day (well, I know now that I'm not allergic to that one). So let's just say my body is having trouble adjusting.


For those who can drop by, A Different Bookstore and Ink and Stone has a general sale this weekend.

Con Updates

For tomorrow, the underground yaoi con will finally be hosted at an undisclosed location.

And on Monday will be the Filbars convention at a disclosed location, namely at Glorietta.


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