Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Balance With My Hormonal Imbalance

The human being is a bilateral creature (that is, if you cut a person in half [the right half, mind you], you'd end up with two identical parts) and it only makes sense that what's on the right side of a person also happens to his left (and vice versa, with certain notable exceptions, of course).

TWo years ago, I had a cyst in my right armpit which was uncomfortable to say the least. I had to have an operation to remove it, and the doctor even joked that my fat was going to the wrong places (i.e. the cyst). Of course last night, my left armpit was throbbing, and lo and behold, it seems the cyst sibling has finally reared its ugly head.

Not that this isn't the first time such a thing has happened. I mean several years ago, the sliding door of my bathroom fell on my right foot (because I didn't know my own strength, and you'd be surprised how sliding doors easily become unhinged when they're rusty). Two weeks later, the same door fell on my left foot.

And of course, there's the time I sprained my right foot, and I never quite recovered from that. And some time later, I again sprained my left foot, not quite recovering from that either. So from time to time, expect me to suddenly collapse, even if all I was doing was walking, and I didn't trip on something.

More Gross Stuff

Here is a link to a man's story of how he dealt with tapeworm.

In grade school, our Science teacher told us there's two ways to deal with tapeworm in the Philippines. One is to have an operation. The other, much cheaper way, was to starve to death, and then when you're about to have your bowels, leave a basin of milk beneath you so that the tapeworm will smell it and come out of your ass to feed on it.

More Links!

Just thought I'd share. This one is courtesy of Vern, in which we read the trials of an editorial assistant of a F&SF magazine (sorry, not a F&SF magazine but THE F&SF magazine). And check out his links while you're at it!

And this one is more for the PC geeks (Linux geeks to be precise) in which "open source" is still no replacement for time and effort.


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