Monday, May 10, 2004


While the polls closed at 3 pm today, election was a whole day affair for me, since I was one of the "volunteers" for poll watching. I even have a NAMFREL shirt as a souvenir.

As can be expected when it comes to the Philippines, there are a lot of crazy things happening.

For example, those giving out the forms should sign it at the back only once it needs to be given, not beforehand. But well, even with poll watchers behind their back, they still sign the forms beforehand.

There was also supposed to be this system to fascilitate quick counting which involved volunteers to send in the poll results via text messaging. Except SMART and GLOBE has lag, so after sending the text message nine hours ago, I'm still not registered into their system. Anyway, the results are supposed to be at this web page but obviously, it's not there yet.

And of course the wackiest thing COMELEC instituted is that those tabulating the results should sign AND stamp their thumbprint at the end of *each* candidate. And of course, while the seven forms of each page (six pages total) has this carbon paper ability, it doesn't work for stamping.

Long Hair Has Its Benefits

In a Jay Leno interview I saw several years ago, Jeniffer Love-Hewitt said that the ugliest part of her body was her ears since they're huge. This fact though is concealed by her long hair.

I had a similar situation last week since a cyst was growing in my left ear. Thankfully I managed to "explode" it before it got out of hand, although there was lots of blood, oil, and fat once everything was over. Oh, and pain as well. But not as much as the fat and the blood.

Love and Hate

Well apparently, the only time I realistically act with initiative is when it comes to my crushes. That's usually the only time I learn something new. I mean during my first year of college, I learned how to commute! And the year before that, I actually dropped by ICA to meet, uh, ICAns despite my inherent shyness.

Meanwhile, while I was at Mega Mall last Sunday, I saw an acquaintances who *dislikes* me (of course why they dislike me is unknown to me... there are a number of people who suddenly decide to hate me without giving a reason, but I presume it's because their inner circle already dislikes me, so they might as well join in). I was tempted to confront them, say hi, and then ask them why they suddenly decided to hate me several years ago. But shyness and meekness got the better of me, so I just stayed put and, uh, followed them around (without being seen of course).


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