Tuesday, February 10, 2004


One of my classmates started yapping about this girl she didn't really know mainly because she got the highest QPI in the batch.

Now perhaps we're all guilty of envying a person for achieving something that we couldn't do, but it usually takes the form of a jest ("He/she's the batch genius!") rather than actual malice. But unfortunately in this case, a number of insults was thrown at this person they didn't even really know.

Fear in the Hearts of Men

I almost got robbed today as I was walking from the Cubao LRT2 station to the MRT. This guy unzipped my backpack but seeing nothing of value (well, there was my dice set and my notebook), scurried off, thinking he got away.

But when he finally stopped at the stairs leading to the MRT and turned around, there I was. I could see fear in his eyes, and my gaze didn't really waver until I had to ascend the stairs.

I would have turned him in, except no police was neaby, unless you count the MMDA as police.

Upon reflecting, I wish I verbally reprimanded him, instead of merely giving him the evil eye.

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