Friday, January 09, 2004

Weird Moment of the Day

While browsing through the bookshelves at Powerbooks Glorietta, I saw a copy of Jessica Hagedorn's Gangster of Love. Unfortunately, part of the price tag was torn off (namely the part with the price). I looked at all the other copies and their price tags were similary torn.

Looks like someone either doesn't like Hagedorn, or really likes her but can't afford to buy her books and so in retaliation tore off all the price tags from the books.

New Discovery of the Day

Well, I did see a hardcover copy of Robert Jordan's New Spring: The Novel, which is probably the short story he originally published in Legends extended to, uh, a novel.

But that's not the new discovery of the day. After being deprived of food for the past seventeen hours (my dentist appointment was this morning), I indulged myself in milk shake, which is a new stall in Glorietta.

Now it's been a guilty pleasure of mine to drink milk shake ever since I tasted them, of all places, at McDonalds (in the US) more than a decade ago. Unfortunately, while there was milk shake available at McDonalds until several years ago, they never tasted as good.

Of course earlier today I saw milk shake created. The girl whipped out some vanilla ice cream (I never knew ice cream was such a vital ingredient in milk shake), a teeny weeny cup of milk, and there's this strange mixing device.

The end product was as tasty as I imagined milk shake to be. Except this one was a whole lot harder to drink (it felt like drinking pure cream rather than a shake).

Not that I'll be having more of it since it costs P80 and the only other drink I indulge such as a price is Big Chill, because I really really love carrot juice (yes Vin, cringe). Unfortunately, I don't drink the carrot concentrate because it costs P100+ and paying that much for a drink doesn't fit my budget (I make an exception to Starbucks, but I'm mostly paying for the ambience and the chance to sit down and read in comfort).

Trick or Treat

Strangely enough, this Halloween saying espouses my attitude. I'm usually either the god of mischief Loki, or I'm doting on you with presents or with sweets (errr, literally... I am known for giving out chocolates you know).


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