Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Some Things That Matter

I read from a friend's blog that he's applying for Canadian citizenship (which isn't bad in itself) as a contingency for whatever crisis hits the Philippines (again, which isn't bad in itself).

While backup plans are nice, I can't help but feel disappointed that many Filipinos would rather flee (again, with qualification, because just because one makes plans does not mean they'll actually abandon the Philippines at the first sign of trouble) than work on improving the country.

As my friend said, the state of the Philippines is beyond the first sign of trouble and that he really can't imagine the Philippines getting better in the future. While the first statement might be true, the latter can still be changed. And even if it can't, I'd like to point out that how there are some things in life we just can't abandon.

For example, we can't get rid of our body (at least not with our present technology). If we discover we have a genetic disease or cancer, we can't switch bodies and opt for a "better body". Sorry but we just have to make do with what we have, with all its flaws (and strengths).

Some people even view family as indisposable. A lot of parents love their children no matter what they become (and vice versa). You just don't leave them be but rather exert effort to carve out better lives for them (even at the cost of your loved one alienating you).

The same goes for our planet. I mean if people could relocate to another habitable planet, they'd probably done it by now with all the pollution in the world and the hole-in-the-ozone (and global warming, and el nino & la nina, etc.). But we strive to improve this world despite its present living conditions.

Can't people exert the same effort for the country? Why abandon the Philippines just because you have the option to do so? I mean there are countries in worse conditions than the Philippines, yet its citizens still make the effort to continue living there and making it better. You don't see fathers and mothers disowning their children left and right for all the problems (and expenses!) they've caused (and in a sense, didn't this country give birth to who we are?).

Of course in the end, it's a decision we all have to make for ourselves.


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