Thursday, January 01, 2004

You Learn Something New Every Day

Started off the year with a visit to George Optical for my eye check-up which I've delayed for the past nine months.

Of course found out today that in addition to not having 20/20 vision, I have astigmatism. Before, there was a disparity between the grades of my left and right eye. They're both equal now but it seems I've traded off one disparity with another.

Anyone who's visited an optomestrist knows that judging the appropriate grade for one's vision is not an exact science. It involves trial and error, as well as the subjective judgement of the one needing glasses. Unequal grades just make it all the more harder, especially with astigmatism, where you need not only find the right requirements for the individual eye but in conjunction with the other eye as well.

And since my regular "kuliti" keeps me from wearing contact lenses, I now have to clean my eyelids using a special solution that involves Johnson's Baby Shampoo.


It looks like the New Year is far from compatible with out free blog host.


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