Saturday, January 17, 2004

An Exhausting Day

I've been basically away from home yesterday, going to school to do some "chores" for my block, then boarding the MRT and LRT to get to Rockwell for the Sci-Fi Con. Of course my biggest problem with getting to Rockwell is that I have to walk from the MRT station to the Powerplant Mall, and EDSA is far from the healthiest places to do so. And this would be repeated on my trip home, where I blended in the darkness like the stalker that I am.

Booths All Over

Sponsors involved a Fully Booked booth (manage to get Robin Hobb's Golden Fool, and while Good Omens had a pretty cover, it was selling for P600+, a book which I can get for half that price), IBM, Neutral Grounds, Anito (and one of the cosplayers dressed up as one of their characters), and a stall selling VCDs.

The groups present there was Star Trek (with Enterprise as their main display), Star Wars, Matrix Philippines (new member), Highlander (new member), Arkham Asylum (new Lovecraftian member), AEGIS (my gaming group, which now has great displays thanks to Comic Quest), Harry Potter (there was this celebrity... forgot his name but he's on ABS-CBN, Gameplan, etc. dressed up as Harry Potter and a lot of girls were swooning over him), X-Files (almost invisible to me at their "hidden" corner), Tolkien Society (which Mr. Yapan joined recently), and Komikero complete with artist/writers like Gerry, Carl, and Budjette.

Costumes of Note

My friend Robert finally had his seminar about costume design after the long talks on Lord of the Rings. Of course Lord of the Rings seemed to have dominated the costumes of the day with a cast of elves, Arwens, and Ringwraiths. My friend's boyfriend even dressed up as Sauron and let's just say that he was towering over everyone else (Ramon even stole a snapshot). Gabe won second place as one of the Crazy 88, complete with mask and katana.


Of course all the while, I was helping out at Aegis, helping out some of the cosplayers I knew, introducing and meeting new friends (even seeing some old acquaintances), hailing taxi cabs for people, and stalking people in general. =)


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