Monday, January 12, 2004

Bye Bye BTS

If Dean and company lost the leisure of Country Waffles, well, Katipunan shares a similar fate.

Gayuma (literal translation is "love potion" or aphrodisiac), known for their chocolate cakes (with layers upon layers of chocolate) called BTS (Better Than Sex), got burned down.

Which means some people won't be tasting BTS for their birthdays.

It Was Fate

I knew there was something bad going to happen today, because I have this superstitious belief that everytime I masturbate, God punishes me the rest of the day for doing so.

Began the day by getting my transcript of records, but apparently I couldn't get it because my first semester grade in English 11 is incomplete. The story that comes with that was during finals week, part of the requirement was to submit a paper. I did submit the paper but it got lost somewhere and I didn't find out until sometime near enrollment. Since the teacher knew I was "the type that submits on time", she gave me the benefit of the doubt and gave me an incomplete grade instead of an F. Of course some people get all the luck that in case of doubt, it's an automatic A. Anyway, that was four years ago and I thought the registrar would have cleared it up by now (my grade is supposed to be either an A or B+) but I guess not.

Then there's also the fact that my last class, which happens to last for three hours, was a free cut.

In Other News

It's really annoying that my blockmates expect you that just because you aren't doing anything (for the group), you're not busy. Which is partly true but since everybody else assumes you're free, everybody starts assigning you tasks to do.

Take for example last week. It was suddenly appointed to me to inform the entire Filipino department and invite them to the poetry reading on our book launch. And in the same day, I'm asked to sign-up for ticket sales, sell P400 worth of tickets, help build and paint the set of the play, and manage the electronics and energy consumption requirements of the show. (Naturally, the people making these requests aren't coordinating with each other, much less taking the time to ask if I'm actually free.)

Oh yeah, duty at the ticket booth today involve sitting behind an org selling tickets to the "premiere" of Last Samurai and the trailer kept on getting repeated over and over again (Tom Cruise: "What do you want from me?" Japanese Guy: "What do you want for yourself?").

Factoid of the Day

My brilliant Pol. Sci. teacher did mention that in Hawaii, there's this island that has a really high volcano so much so that there's actually snow which you can ski on. So yes, you're by the beach enjoying the sun in the morning, and by the afternoon or evening, you can go up to the resort and ski.


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