Sunday, July 20, 2003

Week of Confessions

I don't know why but friends and acquaintances suddenly started confessing their love this past week. Of course the results varied: contentment, rejection, hope for a future, plans... I'd rather not be specific, or else they'd all kill me.

It seems a lot has been resolved for them this week, at least for the ones who don't have sixteen prospects (and for the person who has sixteen prospects, I don't know if he'll ever resolve that).

As for me, my crush is just that - a crush. Haven't made any overt plans yet, and I'm content to be friends (and ready to keep other people guessing who it is). Right now, I have other pressing concerns...


Tomorrow, I have to submit the drafts of the works I want to get published in our thesis. Except I have lots of work I don't like, and I'm writing some stuff from scratch. Talk about cramming.

Of course I realized when I write, I do it the only way it can be done. One word, one phrase, one sentences at a time. It's been my experience that what's developed in the mind's eye turns out differently when it's put on paper.

The Curse

Along the lines of me not getting published (well, in the previous two cases, the publication shut down before the issue my article actually got printed, and in the third instance, the place literally burned down [although they did print my work]...), the same might be said for my comic strips.

I mean Elbert's computer has crashed, been hit by lightning, and recently, the power source got fried. After all this series of coincidences, I'm not surprised anymore.


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