Monday, July 01, 2002

Okay, back to normal now. My brother was using the phone all evening which not only irrittes me but drowns all my creativity.

As usual, I went early to school. My friend Kim saw me, called me, and told me to accompany her. What was I to say? And I don't know why but people I know always tell me information about my crush without asking them.

Kim: I'm supposed to meet her today but I forgot what I was loaning to her.

Me: *shrug*

Also, went to get our Philosophy handout but it wasn't with the photocopier lady when I went. When I did go to Philo class, some of the students had it and our teacher told us to make a comprehensive sentence outline on the readings, gave us a free cut on Wednesday, and continued on with the lesson. At least that frees up my Wednesday so I can go to the museum for History.

As usual, our poetry class's first row was lined with smokers. *cough* *cough* *cough* Did I mention it was in an airconditioned room? More lectures from Mr. Yuzon and he did gave us an assignment at the end. I'm now supposed to write a poem about the family or something. Oh well.


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